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Celebrating motherhood among business women this Mother’s Day

Do you realize that every mother, regardless of her career, is working a 24-hour job that too often goes unpaid and unnoticed? Yet, these incredible women continue to nurture and inspire, proving themselves as the bedrock of our families. But what about business women who are also mothers? Motherhood, in its own right, is a full-time job, but for moms running their businesses, the challenge is doubly hard. 

These remarkable women manage to juggle family and their business aspirations, often without a pause. 

Today, we celebrate not just their love & dedication as mothers but also their resilience & innovation as business women.

According to Natasha from Natasha’s salon – a well known Pakistani woman entrepreneur – the business is as much her baby as her child. 

Natasha has been candid on her Instagram stories about the challenges she faces balancing her thriving business with the demands of motherhood.

Postpartum depression and separation anxiety are real. Yet she continues to steer her business toward growth & development. 

Success often comes hand-in-hand with personal battles, especially for moms who are also running their own business. 

Weecommerce: Breaking barriers to entry

In a society where women, particularly mothers, face numerous barriers to entering the business world, Weecommerce is dedicated to making tech accessible to all women. 

Understanding the unique challenges women face in Pakistan, Weecommerce is proud to support business women by providing free websites & dedicated support for 1 year after their websites go live. 

What do we hope to achieve? We want the dream of entrepreneurship to become more accessible so all moms & business women have the opportunity to succeed and inspire the next generation of women leaders.

We don’t just want to celebrate mothers but also support them in every ambition they hold. 

So let’s celebrate & pay tribute to every #mombehindtheboss. 

Our clients

Here’s a sneak peak into the lives of some of our valued business women.

Jewelry Line

At the heart of Rohma’s Jewelry Line is the unwavering support of her mother. 


This is what she has to say about her mom. 

Cheers to the woman who’s been my rock and my inspiration – my mom. Her unwavering belief in my dreams and now her newfound passion for starting her own venture through Weecommerce have fueled our success. From communicating on Instagram messages, to coordinating courier pickups and shoots collaborations to infusing our Jewelry Line with her touch, she’s been my partner and my support in every way. Mom, you’re not just the #MomBehindTheBoss; you’re the heart and soul behind every triumph. Thank you for everything.

AM Wares 

Amwares, another brilliant venture powered by a strong, entrepreneurial woman specializes in equipping home kitchens with items like wooden cutlery trays, chopping boards, wooden spatulas, and more. 

She says, “I honor the woman whose legacy of strength and love continues to guide me every step of the way. Though she’s no longer with us, my mothers soul echoes in every success I achieve. From her, I learned resilience, determination, and the power of unconditional love.

I carry her lessons in my heart. Thank you, Mom, for being my eternal source of inspiration.”

Lemonpeel Events

Lemonpeel Events is led by Sana Mir with her mother, Durdana Malik, by her side. Together, they create memorable and beautiful events. Sana uses what she has learned from her mother’s experience and style to make Lemonpeel successful. 

Sana says, “I’m a good mother because my mum was even a better mother!


The business woman behind Pinkstudio.pk, a platform selling traditional Pakistani clothes online, is a mother of three. 

She tirelessly balances her demanding business with the responsibilities of motherhood which makes her an incredible role model for women everywhere. Her success is a brilliant example of how maternal love can extend beyond the home and into the broader world of business.

This Mother’s Day, let’s commit to empowering these incredible women, recognizing that when a mother thrives, so does her family, her business, and, ultimately, our society. 

Cheers to the #mombehindtheboss!


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