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Empowering Pakistani business women with free websites

You have a brilliant idea for a business. One that could change your life & set you on the path to independence. But here’s the catch – You lack the resources and technical know-how to bring your online vision to life. This is a reality for many aspiring business women in Pakistan. 

And that’s where Weecommerce comes in. 

What is Weecommerce?

First thing’s first: What is Weecommerce?

Weecommerce or “women entreprenuer in e-commerce” is a venture designed to promote and support women-led businesses in Pakistan. 

Its goal is to encourage business women to establish their online stores by providing FREE website development services – including design, setup, and monthly maintenance – and dedicated support from tossdown for 1 year following the website’s launch. 

So Weecommerce isn’t just about handing you a website and sending you on your way. 

It’s about building a community of like-minded business women who are ready to support and uplift each other on their journey to financial independence. 

What we hope to achieve

At its core, the mission of Weecommerce is women empowerment. 

By giving women the resources and knowledge they need to launch and grow their own businesses, we aim to spark a ripple effect of positive change throughout Pakistani communities. 

As business women succeed and reinvest in their businesses, they’re not just creating jobs and boosting local economies but also creating a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone.

But perhaps most importantly, we want to level the playing field. 

In a world where women often face barriers to entry in the business world, we’re breaking down those barriers and giving business women the opportunity to take control of their life. 

By offering them the tools to build their online businesses, WeeCommerce is propelling Pakistan’s economy forward.

Weecommerce program criteria

The aim of this initiative is to support business women from all backgrounds, giving them equal opportunities and recognizing their role in the economy. 

Empowering women economically is key to promoting fair growth for everyone. 

To get a free website, your business needs to meet these conditions: 

  1. It must be led by a woman. 
  2. It must be relatively new (up to 2 years old)
  3. It must have content ready for the e-commerce site. 

If you fit these criteria, you can apply for a free website through our page and turn your dreams into reality!

How to start an online business in Pakistan?

If you’re an aspiring business woman, you can start your online business in Pakistan in these simple steps.

  • Market research: Identify potential niches and target audience. Understand consumer needs, preferences, and competitors.
  • Choose a product or service: Select a product or service that aligns with market demand and your expertise or interests. For example, if you’re a med student specializing in dermatology, you could launch your very own science-backed skincare line. 
  • Create a business plan: Outline your business objectives, marketing strategy, revenue streams, and operational processes.
  • Register your business: Choose an appropriate business structure and register your business with the relevant authorities. 
  • Build your online presence: You can leave this part to us. Weecommerce gives you free website development services and dedicated support from tossdown for 1 year after the website goes live. 

Once you’re done with these 5 steps, the major chunk of your work is done, as far as setting up your online business is concerned, at least. 

You must then secure payment gateways, manage delivery & logistics, provide excellent customer service to build trust and loyalty among your customers for your business to grow and expand.

Why choose Weecommerce?

The beauty of setting up an online store is that you can start your business right from home and reach as many customers as you want. 

You don’t need a fancy setup, and there are hardly any costs since you don’t have to deal with physical stores.

“I am in awe of the journey I have been on since starting my website powered by tossdown,” says one business woman. “We can’t even begin to tell everyone how user friendly, effortless, and trouble-free the whole process was.”


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